Check-List For Filing Application

Before Filing Application
Please verify that the assessment proceedings in your case are pending before the Assessing Officer(Refer Section 245A.). Please ensure that you have not made another settlement application earlier, after 1st June 2007,
which has been allowed by the Commission.
Please ensure that the additional amount of income tax that you intend to disclose before the Commission for all the years included in the application is at least Rupees Ten lakhs. (For cases involving Search and seizure assessment proceedings, this amount is Rs. Fifty lakhs.)

While Filing Application
Application to be filed in Form No.34-B, in 6 copies.
Application may be filed personally (by the applicant or by his authorized representative) or by post,addressed to the Secretary of the Bench. Proof of payment of additional Tax and interest is to be enclosed.
Proof of payment of the prescribed fee of Rs. 500/-.

After Filing Application
Please ensure that the Intimation of filing of application in Form No. 34BA is sent to your Assessing Officer on the same date.